About Me

This blog is simply an overflow of my thoughts as I go through life. I’m a 30-something living in Eagan, Minnesota and serving as a pastor at South Suburban Church. I am the lead pastor there, and am passionate about seeing the gospel made visible through our lives.

I was born as a Pastor’s Kid and have grown up in the church, but unlike many people my age, will never leave the church. My dad works at the EFCA home office in Minneapolis, and you can see a lot of his influence in me (I even look a lot like him). You can read his blog here.

Outside of the church I enjoy reading as much as possible, watching movies, listening to and playing music and spending time with my wife, growing number of kids, and dogs. Thanks for stopping by the check out my blog, I hope it’s an encouragement for you to draw closer to Christ!

One quick note for you: the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of South Suburban Church. All articles are mine and my thoughts alone.

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