Against ‘Against Calvanism’

Here is a really helpful response to Roger Olson’s book ‘Against Calvanism’ in which he argues against the thoughts of todays ‘Young Restless and Reformed’ movement. I’m 65 pages into the book and already have been frustrated with what, as this author writes, is a lack of exegetical evidence. Olson instead values a moralistic approach and argues against a God who would not fit in his definition of goodness.

As Olson says in his book:

“One day, at the end of a class session on Calvinism’s doctrine of God’s sovereignty, a student asked me a question I had put off considering. He asked: “If it was revealed to you in a way you couldn’t question or deny that the true God actually is as Calvinism says and rules as Calvinism affirms, would you still worship him?” I knew the only possible answer without a moment’s thought, even though I knew it would shock many people. I said no, that I would not because I could not. Such a God would be a moral monster. Of course, I realize Calvinists do not think their view of God’s sovereignty makes him a moral monster, but I can only conclude they have not thought it through to its logical conclusion or even taken sufficiently seriously the things they say about God and evil and innocent suffering in the world.”

Wow. I am glad that God doesn’t fit inside my human-shaped box.

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