Worship Matters Part 2

Continuing my series from last week, here’s my study guide on chapters 4 and 5 in Worship Matters.

Worship Matters – Chapters 5, 6

Chapter 4 – My Hands: What Do I Practice?

  • “Rightly understood and pursued, skill can mark the difference between ineffectiveness and fruitfulness in our leading. It can contribute to, or hinder people from, engaging with God. That’s why we should make it a priority.” (34)

We are called to do everything to the best of our ability. How can you grow in the abilities God has given you? How can we encourage each other as a team to grow in our abilities?

Five Things to Remember About Skill:

  1. Skill is a Gift from God, for his Glory

See 1 Corinthians 4:7

“All gifts are from God, are intended to direct our attention to God and create fresh affection for God.” (34)

  1. Skill Must Be Developed

See 1 Chronicles 25:7

What are some ways you can develop the skills you’ve been given?

  1. Skill Doesn’t Make Worship More Acceptable Before God

See 1 Peter 2:5

Skill isn’t all God is looking for, but combined with a broken and contrite heart (Psalm 51:17) we can better worship our Creator.

  1. Skill Should Be Evaluated By Others

We are often blind to our own areas of weakness. How can we help critique each other?

  1. Skill Is Not an End in Itself

“God wants us to realize that the point of our practice isn’t to receive the praise of others. It’s to bring him glory.” (36)

What Skill Helps Us to Do

  1. Skill Helps Us Focus on God

“My lack of skill can tempt people to be distracted, confused, and potentially irritated. I might be worshipping God, but I’m not doing all I can to help everyone else join me.” (37)

If we’re continually messing up it’s going to hinder people from truly worshipping God. I know mistakes will happen, but that’s why we need to practice to help minimize the distractions for ourselves and the body.

  1. Skill Helps Us Serve the Church
  2. Skill Multiplies Serving Opportunities

What are some areas you could possibly grow in or learn to better serve both the music team and the body?

Skills to Develop

  • “John Piper calls the right balance “undistracted excellence,” It’s a proficiency that doesn’t draw attention to itself but rather points way from itself.” (38)

Are there any ways we draw attention to ourselves instead of God? What are some ways you can think of that would draw attention to oneself?


  1. Leadership

All of us are leaders, just because I’m the one directing the songs doesn’t make me any more important than you. We’re even in front of the people just as long as the preaching pastor. What/who are you leading the people to?

  1. Musicianship

“Probably the most challenging part of good musical taste is knowing what to leave out.” (39)

What are some things you could leave out in your leading? What are some things we could do to simplify?

  1. Communication

How can we better communicate to the body the goal and purpose of our worship through music?

  1. Technology

As we grow in this area it may become more important (i.e., Planning Center Online)

  • “The important thing to recognize is that leading the church  to worship God requires more than a sincere hear and good intentions. It requires skill. And that involves work, time and preparation.” (41)

Do you need to invest more time to get better at leading God’s people through music?

Chapter 5 – My Life: What Do I Model?

  • “Everything we do should be governed by one goal – to see Jesus Christ praised, exalted, magnified, lifted up, and obeyed. . . People are watching us as well. Not just on Sunday morning, but throughout the week.” (44)

How well do you lead those you spend time with during the week (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc)?

  • 1 Timothy 4:12 isn’t just a commendation to the young, but something all believers should strive for. Especially those who are in a visible leadership position. We should be setting an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. Which of these areas is hardest for you to set an example in? Which area do you, through God’s grace, do well in leading?
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  1. Douglas Kim

     /  January 25, 2016

    Hello, do you have this available for all the chapters in the book?


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