Where Are All the Young People?

So while I enjoy writing and blogging, I haven’t been the most consistent when it comes to blogging, so I’m hoping to change that now and start blogging twice a week most of the time, and at least once a week. So there will continue to be regular updates from me in what’s going on in the church and my life.

This past weekend was quite a crazy weekend at church with both a missions workshop and a wedding that I was involved in so I’m still recovering from the weekend, but a topic we spent a good chunk of time addressing at the missions workshop is the question: why don’t we have more young people involved in things like missions and other leadership positions at church? This is an issue that has been addressed multiple times and in multiple ways yet continues to plague the church. One of the big reasons I think this has happened is that there’s this awkward stage that contains a bunch of 20-somethings and some 30-somethings, where do we “fit in” at the church? There’s usually a good ministry to college students, then another good one for parents of young children and ALWAYS something for the older retired people, but what about those who just graduated college and are for the first time navigating the waters of full time work and financial independence? Most of the church seems to stay away from them like the plague, yet we need so much help as we try to figure out how to invest our time, talents and treasures to further the kingdom! Will someone please come around us and support and encourage us, even have us over for meals to just talk about what’s going on in our lives?

So my biggest frustration is that everyone sees this as a problem and continues to ask why young people aren’t more involved and my quick and short answer is: it’s not that hard, just walk over to us and start a conversation. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me when some of the older people in my church have stopped me and just asked how my week was, or how something I shared encouraged them, or even the fact that they took the time to stop and talk to me meant the world to me! So instead of continuing to bring up this issue and then assume someone else is going to take care of it, just come and talk to us, I promise, we won’t bite!

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