Reading the Bible ‘Literally’

I found a very interesting blog today on whether or not Christians read the Bible literally. It’s a question I’ve been asked before as well, and the answer is a resounding NO! I do not read the Bible literally (now, as Gru said, “Pause, for dramatic effect…”) Christians do not, and should not, read the Bible literally. Many of the things Jesus said should not and can not be taken literally (I am the vine, I am the gate for the sheep, etc). Glenn Stanton wrote a very helpful blog on this issue at The Gospel Coalition website. I’d encourage you to check it out. I’ll end the same way he did:

Francis Schaeffer, “said the faithful hold a “full” or “strong, uncompromising view of Scripture.” He never said “literal view” because to say so is literally not true.” Do you hold the same view of Scripture?

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