The Writer – Ellie Goulding

I have quite an extensive musical library ranging from top-40 to classical, from Christian to pagan and everything in between. I’m continually looking for new artists who are incredibly gifted and are enjoyable to listen to. One of the people who got really big this past year was Ellie Goulding with the song ‘Lights‘ it was a very interesting song with interesting rhythms and I still can’t really figure out what the songs about. I bought her CD based on that one song (in one of Amazon’s deals) and stumbled across the song ‘The Writer‘ The chorus of the song really struck me:

Why don’t you be the artist, and make me out of clay?

Why don’t you be the writer, and decide the words I say?

‘Cause I’d rather pretend I’ll still be there at the end

Only it’s too hard to ask, won’t you try to help me?

I don’t know if Ellie is a believer or not, and looking at the verses of the song, it ends up being about a relationship with a guy. But I couldn’t help but see how it points right to God, the great artist who created the whole world. In Jeremiah 18, we see God describing to Jeremiah his relationship to his people, who are clay. Whether Ellie is a Christian or not, I am grateful for the reminder today that God is the potter, and I am the clay. Who am I to question him or complain that I am the wrong shape?

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