Envy in the YRR

I have often identified myself as part of the Young, Restless Reformed movement (YRR, see this book by Collin Hansen). I am grateful for the many people my age who have caught a vision for reformed doctrine, rooted in the Scripture and glorifying to Christ. Yet this movement is not without its downfalls, which a blog written yesterday at Desiring God points out titled, ‘Why Envy Is a Danger for the YRR.’ So many times I have even found myself listening to some people who get accolades and get to speak at the various conferences and think, “I could do that much better than they could.” But that’s not what God has for me now! And I regularly need to remind myself to be faithful in the small things God has given me!

One of the main points I appreciated in the article was,

Where Christ increases, John is content to decrease. But are we? Are we content to decrease, when Christ increases through the ministry of another? Do we even acknowledge that Christ is increasing in the ministry of others? Or do we attribute their success to some other factor: their ambition, their compromises, and in our worst moments, to the efforts of the devil?

May everything we do give glory to God and continue to shake the gates of hell!

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