Dual Hard Drives in My Mac

With technology changing faster than I can keep up, there is one new piece of technology I recently installed in my computer to help clear up some space and give me a MUCH faster computer. I got a solid state drive.

For those of you who don’t really know how computers work, your hard drive is your most fragile piece of the computer, and generally the most prone to fail. The way standard hard drives work is by spinning and using magnets, but when you use a laptop you’re generally moving around which can bump parts of the hard drive and cause it to fail. Today, solid state drives get rid of those spinning parts and operate much faster than a regular hard drive. BUT those solid state drives are generally much more expensive than regular hard drives. So what is the answer for someone on a pastor’s budget? Dual hard drives! I found on lifehacker (a tech blog) an article about how to have 2 hard drives installed in a MacBook Pro and I thought I’d give it a shot and I am already blown away!

The basic premise of doing this is to put all your apps and operating system on the solid state disc and leave all your files that take up much more space on the regular drive so you get speed of the solid state drive without sacrificing the space of a regular drive. You do lose the use of your CD drive in the process, but for the 2 times a month I use it I thought it was worth it. My programs are opening faster, my computer starts faster and I cleared up almost 50 GB of space on my hard drive. I would strongly recommend this for anyone who uses their computer for more than word processing.

You can order the CD drive replacement here, and I would recommend getting the bay for the optical drive, which lets you plug your CD drive into a USB plug and still use it. The solid state drive I bought was a Samsung drive that I found on NewEgg for $80. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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