Why Blog?

I was talking to someone today (I won’t mention any names) and have been trying to convince them to start a blog. They told me I needed to come up with a compelling list of reasons as to why they should blog, so I told this person I would turn it in to a blog and send them a link! So why do I blog?

  • I really like to write. Ten years ago writing was one of my least favorite things to do, but as I’ve grown and continued writing, it has continued to grow on me. It’s very helpful for me to get my thoughts written down in one centralized place.
  • I really like to read. I love reading a novel just as much as the next person, but I also read a good deal of theology and blogs on a daily basis. It’s helpful for me to have one place where I can look back and see some of the things I’ve been reading and some of the blogs I’ve enjoyed reading.
  • I really like to interact with people. In some of the ways I process, I need to have a stream of thought that I can trace and then finally get to a conclusion. This blog allows me to share some things other people have written and then process what they’re saying.
  • I enjoy interacting with culture. I listen to a lot of music and watch many movies. This blog is often a place I can process some of the things I’m hearing and watching, Lord willing, from a biblical perspective.
  • Finally, I hope this blog is helpful to the people that read it. I pray that I glorify God with the things I say on here as I continue to grow in Christ-likeness. I know there will be things that I look back at and regret saying in my immaturity, but I hope and pray that overall God is glorified through me as I try to discern his will and guiding in my life.

So hopefully this will help convince my friend to start blogging! I’ve really enjoyed this process and am looking forward to writing more in the future!

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  1. Just tell Jake to do it already!


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