A Couple Great Posts

I found a couple really helpful posts today that I wanted to share. First, Justin Taylor has one on Is Jesus God? A short description of what he says:

I was once at a conference, talking with some colleagues who had a display at a hotel. A Muslim man approached us, demanding that one of us—just one of us—answer just one question, something no one had ever been able to answer for him. “You say that Jesus is God, right?” I answered in the affirmative. “And you say that God is in heaven, right?” I nodded. “And you say there is only one God, not two?” I smiled, knowing where he was going. “Then how is it,” he said, pointing his finger at me, “that God was talking to God?! It makes no sense at all!”

I asked him if I could ask him a question: “Are you a human being?” Yes, he replied. “Am I a human being?” He nodded. “We are both human but we are not the same person. So the Father and the Son share the same nature of God but are distinct persons.” He unleashed a string of expletives and walked away.

He then goes on to explain how this is helpful and where the analogy falls short.

Another great blog today is by Andy Naselli, who has written a 1 sentence summary of every chapter from C.S. Lewis’ great book The Screwtape Letters. You can read it at his blog here.

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