The New Calvinist Denomination

I read a very interesting article this morning about an article that appeared in ‘The Economist’ titled ‘Dippers Divided: Where Evangelicals Disagree.‘ It’s an interesting post with a response done at the blogĀ patheos. The Economist generally prides itself on being a good magazine, yet in this case they show that they have some incredible misunderstandings of Calvinism and the Protestant church at large. For example, they say, “the Calvinists oppose any blurring of the boundaries between Christian denominations.” “The Calvinists don’t belong to a specific denomination, but are in pretty much every Protestant denomination. That’s why we have things like The Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel, which draws people from many denominations. What do you think of these articles? It’s interesting to see how the media views Calvinists. Do you think it’s the way we present ourselves, or simply the way the media wants to view us?