After Graduation

May is upon us, which means I have started receiving invitations to graduations. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already been 6 years since I graduated from high school and 2 and a half years since I graduate from college. The adjustment from college to being an “adult” is a very difficult transition, and sometimes it still like I’m still adjusting.

This is a great time to begin planning for life after graduation, and in that idea here’s an article on ‘12 Things to Do After Graduation.’ I’d add to this list reading Kevin DeYoung’s ‘Just Do Something.’ I hate to burst any recent graduate’s bubbles, but unfortunately, you will probably not get your dream job as soon as you graduate. So instead of sitting around waiting for that job, go do something. Find a job somewhere, make some new friends, do some fun trips, invest in your younger siblings and get a head start on your life! I met some fantastic friends right after I graduated that I continue to be incredibly grateful for. We did some crazy things together and had a blast living together.

So what should you do after graduating? Just do something.