Parenting with Grace

My dad sent me a couple articles on grace based parenting this morning, and they are very helpful to read. The first is titled, ‘Parent for kids who will make disciples among the lost rather than become saved and satisfied.’ My favorite line from this article is:

Be cautious of only placing kids in “Christian” environments and isolated Bible studies assuming that this will grow them into quality Christian adults. What if it doesn’t?

I know many people who have been so careful about keeping their children protected, yet when the children were finally able to achieve independence, they had a crisis of the faith and were unable to follow the faith that their parents forced upon them any longer.

The second article is titled, ‘What I am NOT suggesting AND three warnings against parenting toward moralism.‘ Again, it’s worth the time to read the whole thing, but the main points are:

1. I am not suggesting that parenting from grace is letting kids do whatever they want.

2. I am not suggesting that parenting from grace never involves discipline.

3. I am not suggesting that parenting from grace avoids focusing on character development.