A Book I Wish Was Written

I found a blog today about a book R.C. Sproul has thought about writing on numerous occasions titled The Sensuous Christian. What is a sensuous Christian?

The sensuous Christian is one who lives by his feelings rather than through his understanding of the Word of God. The sensuous Christian cannot be moved to service, prayer or study unless he ‘feels like it.’ His Christian life is only as effective as the intensity of present feelings. When he experiences spiritual euphoria, he is a whirlwind of Godly activity; when he is depressed, he is a spiritual incompetent. He constantly seeks new and fresh spiritual experiences and uses them to determine the Word of God. His ‘inner feelings’ become the ultimate test of truth.

This could be true of so many people I have met, and myself through some periods of my life. Every relationship I’ve been a part of has involved work and sacrifice. It takes the daily discipline to give time to the relationship and effort on both sides to make it work. If one only spends time with someone when they “feel” like it, it’s not a true relationship. There are many times that I don’t “feel” like going to church, but I know I need to in order to spend time being encouraged by those around me and also for me to encourage and support them. Who do you know that is a sensuous Christian? Are you?