Leading Your Family Well

I just read a fantastic blog on Leading Your Family Well. It really made be grateful for a father who took time to sit down and talk to me, generally at the expense of some sleep simply because he cared for me. Now I know he wasn’t perfect and he would never claim to be, but the one thing he always did for me was take the time to listen for me. Despite the issues going on at church, or the negative things that the people in the church were saying about him he would be there to listen and generally give advice whether I wanted it or not. 

This past Mother’s Day I had the opportunity to share about my mom during church that morning, and today I’m taking a chance to publicly thank my dad for the influence he’s had in my life. I hope and pray that I can be as good of a father as him and influence my kids the same way he’s influenced me. I love you dad!Image

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