Why Posture Matters in Worship

I just found a great new blog called ‘Doxology and Theology’ and came across a blog that voices a big issues I’ve seen in many different churches. I’ve often seen a big disconnect between “worshipping” during the week and worshipping on Sundays at church. It’s easy to stand up and cheer during the week when you’re watching the Olympics and Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympian ever, but why don’t you do it on Sunday when you sing about the ramifications of Jesus taking our place on the cross? I like what the following article says that the outward posture reflects what’s going on in your heart. Granted, there are times to stay still in the presence of God, but not always. You can read the full article at: http://www.doxologyandtheology.com/2012/06/29/with-arms-high-and-heart-abandoned-why-posture-matters-by-stephen-miller/

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