Witnessing to Mormons

After moving to Cheyenne, I have become more aware of the Mormon religion. Being so close to Utah brings about an influx of Mormons as opposed to Minneapolis where I was living before. I came across a very helpful blog today on how to effectively witness to Mormons. This article encourages using a theological argument instead of an apologetic argument. The first will probe deeper into why Mormons believe what they believe while the latter tends to simply turn them off of religion completely. They say, “the approach we believe is the best way to witness to Mormons is the theological approach: to elucidate the Biblical message of sin, righteousness and faith by using and challenging Mormonism on its own theological ground. People do not need correct Christian doctrine to realize that they are sinners… they need it to solve that problem!”

They encourage the use of asking questions because Mormons are out to witness (as should we be), but then we should be asking questions about the answer they give because, “Mormons are trained to speak the same things as if from a script, but we should come in the opposite spirit, as Jesus taught His disciples (Luke 21:14-15). We don’t have to be experts on Mormonism, but we should be experts on the gospel. If we grasp the basic concepts of the gospel and rely on the Spirit for words, we’ll be able to witness to any person from any religion at any time. We don’t need to worry about every question or word to be planned. This allows for each conversation to be unique.”

You can read the blog in full here.

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