The Meaning of Marriage

As someone who is not yet married, I’ve been trying to do my best to figure out what a biblical view of marriage is so that I can, Lord willing, be ready for it when that day comes. My thoughts and views of marriage have continually been shaped and molded and continue to change as I continue to learn and grow. Through all the books I’ve read, the best book I’ve read on this incredibly important topic is Tim Keller’s ‘The Meaning of Marriage’. One of the key lines in the book is that you always marry the wrong person. How does that work when people are continually looking for “the one”? Well honestly, that person doesn’t exist. Now let me clarify that a little bit. God, ultimately has a plan for our lives, but so many people wait forever looking for that one person who perfectly completes them. That person doesn’t and never will exist. When two sinners come together it doesn’t equate perfection, but even more sin as your selfishness and sins are more easily exposed. So “the one” is the person that you eventually marry. Plain and simple. Walk with God, surround yourself with a supportive body and then get married. Whoever that person is is your “one”.

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