Happy Halloween/Reformation Day/All Hallow’s Eve/Whatever you’re celebrating today! As someone who grew up hiding in our basement with the lights off, I have continued to have mixed feelings about this holiday. What should Christians do in response to this “pagan” holiday?

Thanks to Tim Challies, I found a wonderful article on why a family will be trick-or-treating today which you can read here. He prefaces the article by saying 2 things. First, you should not violate your conscience so if you cannot celebrate Halloween without it feeling like sin, don’t participate. Secondly, he says that no days are different than the other so if something is demonic today, it would be demonic on other days as well.

Personally, I can only think of good things happening by people in the church opening their doors and welcoming their neighborhood kids in with open arms. We are to be the salt and light of the world showing people what God looks like on every day, and today, when people will literally be walking up to your door, it gives us a great opportunity to begin building some connections with those who may not have another opportunity to see Christ working in our lives.

So what will I be doing tonight? Well tonight is the night my small group from church meets. We’re going to be getting together with all the lights on, giving candy to any of the kids who come knocking on our door, to the glory of God! Stay safe and have fun tonight!

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