Coy Mathis – Continued

One final thought on this issue that wasn’t expressed very well in my last blog, was referenced in my Blueberry Donuts blog, and expressed early on in my blog about this issue. At what age can a child “know” that they are a boy or a girl. In this case it seems that it’s very much the parents pushing, and ultimately the parents are the ones who need to be directing their children in what is appropriate and not. I find it hard to believe that a child at the age of 18 months would identify themselves as a girl without and prodding from their parents. So my answer to this issue remains the same-Coy should not be using the girls bathroom, but the parents are the ones who need to be held responsible for it. Sexuality in our culture is becoming a very grey issue, yet thanks to Scripture, Christians can and should treat it as a much more black and white issue than our culture allows.

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  1. Louise

     /  March 21, 2013

    Michael this is still bugging me. You will probably never see this comment but I like and respect you so I am going to be blunt. If you blame the parents why have you used the child’s name in two blog post titles? The child’s anonymity has been stolen away by all the adults including you. The child is six and is not a public figure like Rob Bell that you headlined above. Use discernment, have compassion. You could have expressed an opinion without further victimizing the child.

    • Hi Louise,
      I’m not attempting to specifically blame the child, but I didn’t see his parents names anywhere in any headlines, but was able to find his name throughout the various articles I read on the subject. However, I do think that despite being only a child he is still a sinner and in need of God’s grace in his life.

      • Louise

         /  March 21, 2013

        We are not buying it Michael that you are “not attempting to specifically blame the child.” We know you of all people can Google “’fill in the blank’ parents” and get hundreds of sites that will give you the parent’s names and a lot more details about this family.

        As fellow sinners saved by God’s grace we expect more compassion from you than to help exploit the name of a six year old child as so many in the secular world are doing. “Pastor Mike’s Musings” makes it obvious to all that you are a pastor, therefore we believe God holds you to a higher standard of conduct here. Maybe in the future you will give more consideration to the names you use in blog post titles.

        Louise and Steve

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