The Pastor as Theologian and the Theologian as Pastor

My dad has a very good article on his blog today titled ‘Pastor-Theologians/Theological Pastors‘. This is something that I have been reading about in a couple different places recently, first in Paul David Tripp’s book Dangerous Calling , (look for a review on it as soon as I finish. So far, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on pastoral ministry) and secondly as I’ve been talking to my dad and one of the other pastors I work with on The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor written by John Piper and D.A. Carson. The Church today needs people who are willing to be those who teach in the seminaries and those who are willing to work in the daily ministry of the church, and more importantly these relationships need to be partnerships where those is academia can be aware of issues going on in the church and respond properly in the training, while those in the church can be a voice to the lay people who are doing a different kind of ministry with their lives.

This is something that has also been on my mind recently as I begin to look at seminaries and think through how I can most effectively apply it to my life. I hope and pray for the wisdom to know how to best apply the training to my life and how to most effectively help others with the training I receive. I hope that the knowledge doesn’t puff up, but that love can build up.

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