Hospitality seems to be a dying art today. People are increasingly moving toward being more private and reserved, and this is especially seen in the life of the church. Throughout the New Testament you see regular exhortations to meet together and spend time together (Hebrews 10:25, 1 Peter 4:9, Acts 2:42, etc.). Many people don’t realize that to be a believer is to be a part of a larger body. This is something that has been very enjoyable for the small group I’ve been a part of. This past weekend a number of them came over to my house to play Settlers of Catan (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play because there were too many, but it was still an enjoyable time). These get togethers are a regular occurrence for our small group, and each time is very enjoyable!

Randy Alcorn recently addressed this issue in a blog titled ‘What Happened to Hospitality?‘ In it he says, “Beyond the service and the feeding of the meal, there’s something wonderful about the conversations that can come out of having people over. Some of the greatest discussions are centered around meals.” I couldn’t agree more! I think having someone over to your home breaks down some of the barriers people have and is a great way to get to know others. So when is the last time you had someone over for a meal?

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