Youth Ministry and Family

Youth ministry can be a very tough area to be involved in. There are so many students whose parents aren’t involved in their lives, but then there are also so many students whose parents don’t even care what they do. Yet we have such a small amount of time for such a short period of their lives to be involved in and caring for these students. I really enjoy seeing the students grow and seeing them fall more in love with Christ, but ultimately the responsibility of the students comes to the parents. My job is to point the students to Christ and come alongside the parents as they do their best to help foster the students loves for Christ. The Gospel Coalition has a great blog today on this very topic that is great encouragement to those involved in youth ministry. First, remember who we serve, and then remember that we aren’t the students’ parents.

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  1. Reminds me of my wife. She’s a school teacher. I think this is a very familiar sentiment for anyone instructing a younger person. Thanks for sharing!


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