School Blues

School is just around the corner, which means summer is over! How many of your summer goals did you accomplish this year? I for one am looking forward to finally starting the school year again, and despite not being able to start seminary this fall (Liberty doesn’t offer the only class I wanted to take in the fall) I’m looking forward to jumping in to youth group and finally having a good rhythm again in church. Life feels so chaotic when there’s no rhythm to dictate things.

One big thing I learned this summer is that often, vacation is more work than work! It’s really hard to jump off the treadmill of life, even for a day, but it’s oh so necessary the maintain the pace that I need in my life and ministry. If I don’t have those times of break I know I will burn out much quicker. I had some great times away with friends and family this summer, and even got to try biking the Mikkleson trail (I didn’t make it the whole way, I guess I should have trained beforehand?). Overall, it was a very different summer than I anticipated, but a joyous one nonetheless. So what am I going to be doing this fall now?

Besides the normal routines of my ministry (music, small group, youth group) I’m going to try to get licensed by the E Free denomination, continue to help guide the youth group (got a new blog for it! Check it out here), and continue to lead music every week. I’m excited to see how God will lead, guide and grow me this school year.

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