August – The Month of Music

This past month has featured the releases of some fantastic new music, including a brand new band! So here are my 4 favorite albums that released this month with a brief review of each of them, and no, John Mayer did not crack the list, I’m not sure if I want to get it yet, I’ll probably end up listening to it on Spotify at some point.

Ben Rector – The Walking In Between

Ben RectorBen Rector has been one of my favorites for a few years now. My sister introduced me to him back in 2010 because he was coming to her college and I happened to be visiting the weekend he was playing there. His music continues to get better with each album, and this one was another great one. My favorite song from this album is “Sailboat” but there isn’t a song on the album that I ever skip. In a recent tweet I asked him what the main inspiration for this album was, he said, “I’d probably say getting to catch a dream I’d chased and not being as happy as I thought I’d be.” This is aptly summed up in his song “I Like You.”

“there are way too many love songs, and I think they’ve got it all wrong, ‘cause life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between, and I like you walking next to me.” All in all, this is another fantastic album that has been on repeat since it came out last week.

Andrew Belle – Black Bear

Andrew BelleMy second favorite album this month came from a fellow Taylor University alum who has had songs appear on numerous television shows and was named the Best Break Out Artist in Chicago by MTV in 2009. Andrew’s sophomore shows a slight change in genre with hints of M83 thrown in for good measure. Instead of focusing on the acoustic guitar, this album leans heavily on the electronic music for it’s base. This album seems to deal with relationship issues that have cropped up.  His first single from this record, “Pieces” says, “There’s too much smoke to see it, there’s too much broke to feel it, I love you, I love you, and all of your pieces.” While I don’t like this album as much as his first release, this is another good one to add to the collection. Another one that I’ve enjoyed listening to regularly since it came out.

Matt Wertz – Heatwave

Matt WertzI was introduced to Matt Wertz in college (if you couldn’t see a theme here, I really enjoy the singer/songwriters) and his latest album dropped yesterday so I haven’t had as much of a chance to listen to it yet, but it is very different than his previous albums. This album seems to be inspired by classic rock with many more electric guitar solos than his previous albums had, and his most recent music video hints to this 80s influence as well. The video is worth watching just for the dance off between Matt and Ben Rector! So while this albums is very different than the previous ones, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard so far.


The Digital Age – Evening & Morning

The Digital AgeThe final album in my top 4 albums this month is not from a singer/songwriter, but from The David Crowder Band minus David Crowder. The four remaining members went on to found a recording studio and a new band who have taken a different sound than the David Crowder Band did. This album has some fantastic guitar parts and some great harmonies. I’m not sure how the songs would do singing in a church setting, but I may try a few out here to see how they work. I’ve loved using it as a personal worship album as I drive to work in the mornings.



What a great month for new music! Just in time for the school year to start and even a new band! What are your favorite albums from this summer?

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