Why I Use Loops in Church

This past year I’ve learned some really great ways to grow the sound of your music team through the use of loops playing in addition to your music team. I’m not sure how many people can even recognize that’s what’s going on, but I’ve found it to be an incredible addition to our overall sound as a team. So here are the reasons I use background tracks on Sunday mornings.

  1. It helps to fill out our sound. Working with volunteers can be incredibly frustrating when people don’t show up or I’m not able to fill every position every week. It also helps when I’m able to pre-record some of the lead guitar parts so I don’t need to take valuable practice time to train the guitarists on how to play each individual part.
  2. It keeps us all on the same page. Playing with loops is incredibly effective for keeping the whole band together and on the same page. I have a click track and cue track running simultaneously with the loops so everyone knows what’s coming up when a voice says, “Chorus, two, three four.”
  3. It gives me more control over the timing of songs. When we use the same loops for the songs, they’ll sound much more consistent, and we’ll ALWAYS play them the exact same way. With that, however:
  4. It allows for more variety. I have yet to have anyone play strings with us on a Sunday, or do some electronic drum stuff, and I have had trouble with a consistent bass player and drummer. When I have loops I can add these parts in, and then some. I can try some new arrangements with different instruments one week and see how it works, then take some away for a more stripped down version the next week.
  5. It’s another way that I can do music excellently. When the band is in sync, when we’re able to implement a more full sound and when we’re able to add instruments people are used to hearing it helps to eliminate distractions for the body of Christ. It even helps the music team to free them up to better worship God.

These are some of the big advantages I’ve found in using loops during Sunday morning worship. What are some ways you’ve found them to be helpful? What are some possible disadvantages to using them?

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