Don Miller’s Thoughts on Church

Don Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz penned a blog this week on why he doesn’t go to church very often. And that’s all well and good – people do connect with God better through different ways. I have friends who best connect with God when doing some intense studying, others who do it through painting, and others who do connect to God through singing. Yet Miller’s whole premise is off because it makes church all about him. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating:

Church isn’t about you, your needs, your desires, your wants – church is about God and his people representing Christ to a dead and broken world.

Yet even if someone doesn’t necessarily connect to God through singing, we’re still commanded to do it (Eph 5) and the biggest book in the Bible is devoted to, you guessed it, singing! This singing thing must be pretty important if we see so much of Scripture devoted to it. What are your thoughts on singing at church, whether or not you do connect with it?

For a much more in depth look at this issue, see Stephen Miller’s blog here.

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  1. Sam Erickson

     /  February 5, 2014

    It’s a very post-modern millennial gen thing to want to ditch church and all it’s cheesy disillusioning baggage in favor of things that seem more “spiritually gratifying”. I admit as a millennial and a PK full of disillusioning church moments, I feel that way often, but like you said it’s totally a selfish tendency. I am apart of a generation who love to complain about things or raise awareness about things but never actually do anything about it. We want diversity and unity in the church across all races and socio-economical backgrounds but we don’t want to actually do the hard work of investing in people, who are often hard, messy, and unlikeable. We will never reach our romantic dreams if we are unwilling to do unromantic things, and to steal a phrase from Gandhi… we need to “be the church we want to see in the world”, that require selfless dedication to messy people.


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